The Culture Tower

Summer wedding ceremony with a view

Are you dreaming of a small and intimate wedding in the heart of Copenhagen? Here is your chance to say “I do” in one of the iconic bridge towers on Knippelsbro bridge.

The tower offers a spectacular view of the city skyline and the city’s inner harbour which is buzzing with summer life this time of the year. Below you, small ferries, tour boats and kayaks are passing under the bridge leaves.

Knippelsbro bridge with its two beautiful copper-plated towers was constructed in 1937 and links Copenhagen City Centre with the Christianshavn neighbourhood. In 2017, one of the towers was transformed into the cultural institution The Culture Tower. Today, the tower is used for concerts, exhibitions, talks and as a summer restaurant.

There is very little room in the tower, which means that you can only bring up to four guests.


The Culture Tower

Knippelsbro 2

1400 København K
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