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Have you already found the perfect location for your wedding day celebration? Choose the time and location for your wedding ceremony yourself - in or around Copenhagen - and have exactly the wedding day that you are dreaming of.

You can book a registrar from the City of Copenhagen to perform your wedding ceremony on exactly the date and the location of your choice - even outside Copenhagen.

For example, you can be married in your garden or house, on a boat, in a restaurant or perhaps in the place you met for the first time.

The registrar can also make a personal speech for you if you wish.

Contact the Wedding Office to hear more about how you can plan your unique wedding ceremony - exactly like you wish it to be.

Practical information

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In which languages can the ceremony be held?

The ceremony can be held in Danish, English or German.

It is mandatory that you both understand what is being said during the ceremony. If one of you do not understand either Danish, English or German, you must bring an interpreter.

Do we need to bring our own witnesses?

Yes, for a private ceremony, you must bring two witnesses.

The witnesses do not need to show ID, but they must sign the marriage documents with their full name and address after the ceremony.

The marriage certificate

Immediately after the ceremony, you will be handed two multi-lingual marriage certificates in Danish, English, French, German and Spanish. If you need more copies, you are welcome to contact the Wedding Office.



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