Karens Minde Culture House

Open-air wedding ceremony by "The Castle of Sydhavnen"

Karens Minde Culture House is located in beautiful, green surroundings and hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year – should it also host your special day?

The ceremony will take place outside by the building, facing the green area.

Karens Minde Culture House is situated on the Karens Minde axis, which also includes Sydhavnen’s Library as well as a children’s culture house and children’s animal park. The area has recently undergone a cloudburst mitigation and the result is a beautiful and green area with footpaths, bridges and an enclosure for horses.

In case of rain

In case the weather is not suitable for an open-air wedding, the ceremony will be moved to the lovely old, protected dance pavilion on the Karens Minde grounds.


Karens Minde Culture House

Wagnersvej 19

2450 Copenhagen SV
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