The Garden at City Hall

Here you can read about the event Open Air Wedding in the garden of Copenhagen City Hall

The smell of rhododendron, insects humming and colourful flowers are some of the sense impressions that are offered by the Garden of Copenhagen City Hall.

The garden is accessible only through City Hall and it is intimate and romantic. In the centre of the garden there is a beautiful fountain.

The City Hall is situated at City Hall Square, 1599 Copenhagen V.


Saturday the 30th of July 2016, starting at 10.00am.

Please Note

The open air weddings are informal and held in the conditions the different localities offer. The garden is open to the public and therefore you may expect attention from other guests in City Hall and the garden.

In case the weather does not seem suitable for open air ceremonies, the event will be moved to one of the beautiful rooms at Copenhagen City Hall.

History of the Place

The garden was established together with City Hall in 1905, but in 1954 it was moved in order to make room for the building of Langebro and the extension of H.C. Andersen’s Boulevard. The garden was restored back to its original looks when Copenhagen City Hall celebrated its 100 years’ anniversary in 2005. The garden’s original name was the City Hall Yard and the garden was situated alongside H.C Andersen’s Boulevard. It was a popular place to go for families, who would come to play and feed the pigeons. Today, the garden is also open to the public and is visited daily by tourists.