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Here you can read about the event Open Air Wedding in Tivoli

Colourful lights and romance. Wine, laughter and whistling roller-coasters. The old family garden has it all if you are in for a spectacular wedding – right in the heart of Copenhagen!

The ceremony will take place at a small pavilion by the Tivoli Lake in calmer surroundings. From there you can decide the course; are you going for an unforgettable experience at the concert hall? A quiet meal, or a ride on one of the many amusements?


Saturday 8th of July 2017, starting at 11.30am.

Please Note

You will get two entrance tickets for yourselves and for two of your guests when you arrive at Tivoli on the day. Other guests will be charged a regular entrance fee to the garden.

The open air weddings are informal and held in the conditions the localities offer. Tivoli is a public place and therefore you must expect curious looks from other guests in the garden. 

In case the weather does not seem suitable for open air ceremonies, the event will be moved to the foyer of the Aquarium in Tivoli. We will send you an e-mail the day before your wedding, if the event is moved.

History of the Place

Tivoli opened its doors for the first time on the 15th of august 1843, after the founder Georg Carstensen had received the permission from King Christian the VIII two years earlier.

The amusement garden was an instant success. 175,000 guests visited Tivoli in the first short season. One of the more famous visitors was Hans Christian Andersen who was inspired by Tivoli’s Chinese theme to write the fairytale ‘The Nightingale’.

Tivoli’s old wooden roller-coaster is from 1914 and one of the oldest wooden roller-coasters in the world. The track is 720 metres long and has a top speed of 50 km/h. During World War II there was an energy rationing. The roller-coaster coaches where drawn up the first hill by men handling a winch. From there gravity takes over, as it still does today.