Getting Married

Here you can read about the possibilities of getting married and celebrate your wedding in Copenhagen or getting married abroad.

Please note that there are no available times for marriage at Copenhagen City Hall in 2018

General Information About Getting Married

To apply for marriage - whether you are getting married in Copenhagen, somewhere else in Denmark or abroad - you must fill in an application and send it to the wedding office along with the required documents which are listed below.

The wedding office has a processing time of three to four weeks. When we have approved your application we can assign a date and time for your wedding.

Please send a prioritised list of possible dates for your wedding with your application.

The earliest you can apply is four months before the date you wish to get married.

If you reside in Denmark please follow this link to fill in the Notice of Marriage form.

From the 1st of January 2019 a change in the Danish Marriage Law and the Aliens Act is expected to take effect. You can read more about this below.